Accessible Living

On this page you will find how I have modified the things around me to fit into my life. There are something that have been made accessible and somethings that were better off the way they were. Stick around to find out more.


The rental home we recently moved into has very narrow bathroom doorways. Since we are only planning on staying here temporarily, there weren't many modifications we could do. The landlord was willing to let us widen the doorways at cost to us, of course. In order to save money we found a different solution. I noticed that squeezing through the bathroom doorway would be much easier if the door wasn't attached. I asked my husband to remove one of the bathroom doors to see if I could wheel through easier. It actually worked. The downfall is that there is no door thus eliminating any privacy. Fortunately, both bathrooms are in both bedrooms. We decided to remove the doors to both of our bathrooms instead of spending the extra cash we are saving to widen the doors. I weighed the pros and cons and I think I can live with bathrooms with no doors for 6 months. If Anyone in our house wants privacy in the bathroom we just shut the door to the bedroom that's attached to the bathroom. Like I said its only temoprary so I can live with it for a little bit.
The bathroom door wasn't the only door I couldn't fit in. The laundry room is basically off limits to me as of right now. The door is very narrow and the room is small. The solution we came up with is that my husband will wash and dry the laundry. My job will be to fold and put away the laundry. Sounds like an even trade to me! I have to admit, my husband is exceptional. He is always willing to help wherever he can. He is simply the best! If you happen to run into the situation like I have with this laundry room and can't find someone to help you out, I would suggest widening the doorway. If you are renting like me maybe you can arrange for a friend or relative to come help out once a week. If your renting temporarily its probably easier to tolerate someone helping you than a chunk of money from your wallet. Please comment of any suggestions or experiences you have. I would love to hear them!

Adding Ramps

We moved into a new rental house recently. Everything was fairly accessible, except the fact that there were steps at both doors. Our landlord was ok with us building a ramp but requested that we take it down when we move. My pastor and a few of the guys came over and build a nifty little temporary ramp for me. The neat thing about my ramp is that it has two parts. One section of the ramp goes off the porch and onto the sidewalk. The second section of the ramp turns off the side walk and goes into the parking area. I was concerned when we first looked at the house because there is a dirt parking area. When it rains there is alot of mud. The ramp was built to eliminate me wheeling through the mud. We decided to build the ramp of wood. This was an inexspensive yet sturdy option for us. Since the ramp is temporary, the wood will be easy to take apart when we move. I have googled ramps in times past and have found many unique designs. If you're looking to build a ramp I would research the options first. If your renting temporarily like us, don't be afraid to ask the landlord about building a ramp. If you like a house that has only stairs you can always work out a way to get inside independently. I hope this helps. Please leave any feedback you have. Thanks.

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